zondag 20 juli 2014

Comme un

Fran├žaise! I feel very French in this look. Probably because the of the Breton tripe, the red nail polish and the complete lack of accessories. Only missing a French bread, barrette and  the Eiffel tower to make this a perfect look. 
The skirt is made by me (check pattern here). The shirt is COS and sandals are DKNY.

zondag 29 juni 2014

Wedding dress nr. 5

This is a constructed dress where I have my doubt if its right for a wedding dress or if it should be worn as a gala dress. I‘m letting you be the judge of that.

This design looks like a kind of a swirl. The dress starts at the right shoulder and twists around the body like a wrap.  I always loved designs like that are constructed like a swirl around the body. (like this Diordress)   It shapes perfect around the curves of a woman and is therefore also perfect for more curvier ladies. There are no horizontal or vertical line, but the line twists around the body. I think this goes well with the natural round shapes of our body’s.  

Could you see yourself get married in a dress like this or is it more “gala” let me know in the comments.

shop shop shop

Last month I was in a unhappy place in my life. So I went to visit my parents and brothers in Brussels. My mom had the instant solution to all my problems, shop shop shop.
Ok, I'm exaggerating a bit, cause I don't like shopping.  For that we only went to one shop, COS store at Avenue Louisa (its sound such more chic when I use the French name).  The reason I only shop here is tree folded.  1. Good quality  2. Good basic stuff  3. With always a funky twist.  We picked up so many things to try on that my mom even got into a quarrel about only allowing 7 pieces in the changing room. Eventually the shop lady just looked the other way.

Here you see the one of the outfits I bought then.  So no sewing this time. I love the top. The shape is very simple with this amazing print. Super colorful. And because of the quality I feel so chic in it. The skirt is a bit of an A-line shape, but I like to call it a tulip’ing shape. It complies completely with the funky twist I so much love about COS design.  I finished the look with white ballerina shoes and my pink gold bracelet.

So my tip of the day, stop wasting time with shopping (except when you enjoy it), find a COSstore and you will be fine. 


When my mother in-law goes on holyday she always brings back gifts. Mostly it’s fun funky jewelry from some African country, but this time she brought home this precurial thing. If you are Arabic you probably already know what it is.

But guess what?

It’s a lip “stick”. She brought it home from her vacation in Morocco. Where women in remote areas use it as a lip coloring.

You wet your finger and rub it on the top if it. Then some reddish color comes of and you smear it on your lips. It gives a very natural color, but it’s far from a “western” lipstick, which gives a more  lasting color and is also a lot more moisturizing.

Still it is a fun curiosity to have! So thanks to my mother-in law for buying it! 

maandag 23 juni 2014

White Jelly

Again a pencil skirt. (check the other one over here) This time it’s a size smaller.  It’s a bit to small. I has become clear to me that I’m somewhere between a size 42 and 44. You can call me a size 43 even though that doesn’t excised.  Always nice to know that I don’t have the perfect confection shaped body.  But who really does?

I even read somewhere that Doutzen Kroes didn’t fit her samples, cause here butt is too big. That woman has the perfect butt!! So my overall conclusion is that, we women are actually way to unique to wear standardized  confection clothing.

I bought the fabric at Noordermarkt in Amsterdam. The shoes, which I love, are from Primark and the shirt from Jane Norman, and the bag is from an old collections of V&DThe skirt is made by me (check pattern here)

maandag 16 juni 2014

Wedding dress nr. 4

I love off shoulder clothing, it gives an instant feminine sexy vibe without showing a lot of skin. This dress is a simple strapless dress with a side fishtail bottom. What makes this dress unique is the sheer embroidered train that starts from the front up to the back. This dress would look lovely with long gloves and a romantic bouquet. It’s made for the feminine woman who likes to be out of the box without being too much out of it. It’s a simple but very elegant dress and I really wish to see how this one would work out in fabric. Cus , from a drawing to reality always has a different feel.

dinsdag 3 juni 2014


This is a very fancy look (again my hair didn’t work out, I’m really struggling with finding a hair style that works on camera). I used this pattern out of burdastyle. I loved the v-line waistband,  even though my waist is not the most flattering part of my body. I just told myself  I can keep feeling conscious about it or make this pencil skirt. So I said, “fuck it, my body is not model perfect, but I love it.” 

I used the measurements of burdastyle and made the skirt in size 44. You can see on the pictures it’s a bit too big for me. I definitely need to use size 42 in the future.  I bought the fabric on the Noordermarkt in Amsterdam. The whole skirt has cost me 5 euro. The sweater I’m wearing is of COS and the shoes are GEOX.

What do you think of my sweet little dog??? Most of the time he’s a little monster!