dinsdag 30 september 2014

Beauty buy's Thailand

Like I told you before I went a bit crazy with my beauty buys.  Probably for some people it’s still not that much, but I have never bought so many products at once.  I’m very economical with my beauty products. Never buy a new product before my old one is finished (except when the product is not up to my standards) Why? Spending loads of money on beauty products which just stand there, is just a waist. And I have better things to spend my money on.

Even though I spend a lot on beauty products in Thailand, everything I bought I wanted needed!

My biggest expense was the Lolita 206 pallet of Marc Jacobs.  I actually wanted to buy the naked-3 pallets from urban decay, but “No have, coming soon” they said. So I looked for other brands in the hope to find a similar pallet.  I eventually choose this one of Marc Jacob’s because it’s very pigmented.

I am using it for a while now and I have to say I’m not too crazy about it. I love the mat color and they go on well, but the shimmery ones are not my thing. They will do for a night out, but then I prefer to wear darker colors instead of nudes.

In the same Sephora shop I also bought their tonic and eye make-up remover and I love them. This brand has such a high quality for reasonable prizes. I checked if I could buy them also in the Netherlands and found this website.  So Sephora, you got yourself a new customer. (And later found out I could buy the naked-3 pallet from there, dumb dumb dumb me)

Later on, during my holiday, I went back to their shop and also bought some make-up of their brand. I got a darker red lipstick, eye pencil and a green eye shadow. I love the green eye shadow, because I have brown eyes with a bid off green in them, so a darker green eye shadow goes really well for me.

I also bought the BB cream of Tarte here.  I’m not a foundation kind of girl so having a BB cream is ideal. Even though I still don’t use it every day  I like to know I have to option on the more “heavier days”.  And I’m pleased with this product. It stays on so good that it takes me some extra effort to get it off at end of my day.

When we were walking around in one of the many shopping malls my man saw this silver glitter nail polish. I had to buy it because he loved it so much.  After putting it on I was sold too. And it only cost me 2.30 euro (in the Netherland they are 8 euro), and the quality is amazing. So I ran back to the shop and bought me seven more colors.  I love the red, silver, blue and the blue glitz nail polish. I’m not so crazy about the quality of the pearl and taupe color. They are a bit sticky and don’t dry-up well. Am a bit disappointed, but hey, I got 4 amazing colors under 10 euro.  I also bought of the Revlon brand their cover stick. I’m pleased with it, and it’s doing the job.

After all it was a shock on how much I spend on make-up. But it gives me so much joy and you can’t put a price on happiness (and looking good)

donderdag 11 september 2014

Fashion bargains Thailand

The best place to buy Thai silk would be Thailand. One would expect there to be a shopping mall full of silk, but unfortunately, there is not. In our quest to find affordable Thai silk we went to  the Emporium Shopping mall. If you’re a rich bitch and you father is in oil, go there. We‘ve seen the most amazing jewelry and all very exclusive.   The silk shops where amazing but they asked prices up to 200 /300 euro. So we went on searching further.

Eventually we found this shop which sold Thai silk for a reasonably price.  The shop lady promised me it was 100% silk. I tested it and it’s definitely a natural fiber. I personally thinks it’s a mix between cotton and silk. How do I know?  When you burn your fabric and it smells like burned hair it's form animals. When it smells like burned wood it’s an organic fiber.  If it burns up into plastic, it’s a synthetic fiber.  My fabric smelled like hair and wood , also there where some creases in the fabric which made me assume it  was not 100% silk.

The lady also told me the fabric was hand woven. That one I definitely did not believe, but I could care less if it's machine woven or not. It’s an amazing fabric and I love it a lot. I’m planning to make this dress out of it and can’t wait to start.

The other fabric is a cotton one.  I bought this at the weekend market in Bangkok (called Chatuchak, it's also a good place to buy Thai/Chinese silk if you’re looking).  I love the print in gold, but I’m still wandering If I would make a skirt or jacket. I am thinking about this pattern or this one. What do you think I should make from it?

This bag is such a great buy. I use it every day. I found it on the Island of Koh Toa and probably paid too much for it. But I have learned my holiday shopping lesson. If you see something you like buy it! Don’t expect it to get it somewhere else better or cheaper. Chances are you won’t find it anywhere at all (happened to me a few times). 
There where so many more nice bags with bright orange or hot pink colors. But I chose this black based bag because it would be more accessible to my everyday wardrobe in the Holland. 


We were at the weekend market, shopping for souvenirs, when my man told me I could look for a nice necklace and he would buy it.  We stumbled on this stall where they had this very cheap necklaces and I loved them all. So eventually I got thee necklace.   My favorite is the copper one which I can wear like a shawl around my neck. It's so elegant and has this Gatsby vibe to it. Love it!

Before I went on holiday I got the amazing news that I have wear supportive shoe soles. Which literally means, no cute sandals anymore, no high heels and even worse, only horribly grandma like shoes (why they still makes those shoes that ugly, I don’t understand). The fact that they really help me physically,  softens the fashion pain. And I told myself I still could stay fashionable, even if my shoe options are (extremely)limited.  

So in Thailand I needed a breezy shoe to wear on our day trips. Because my usual, easy breezy sandals where no option anymore.  So I found these converse with the Berton stipe.  I have nothing more to say than after hours looking for shoe of my size with removable soles this converse  where the only acceptable option.  Still love to find  sneakers in all with. Anybody knows a brand that makes them with removable soles.

vrijdag 29 augustus 2014

Blue Summer

beach summer burdastyle burda fun jumpsuit love life

Making this jumpsuit was a challenge. I thought it was time, so I had to figure out how to make this elastic band in the back. I followed the instructions from Burdastyle and I have to say, it is super easy to do.  You'll need to take some time to sew in the elastic, but putting in a zipper is much more challenging. So don’t be afraid for the amount of work and the level of difficulty, because it’s real easy.

I bought this fabric at the Dappermark in Amsterdam.  It’s made of a more heavy jersey fabric. I love it and it’s so comfy. The idea was to make it for our trip to Thailand, as you can see in the pictures.  It became the perfect Island beach wear. I have to say though, in the original pattern the upper part of the jump suit was too wide for me and I had to take in at least 5 cm at both sides. So when you're planning to make this, measure it up so it fits you right.   Also I didn’t put the front panels in it, like in the original design of Burdastyle.  I had no clue why they even put those in the design in the first place, it’s not for me.  

beach bleu summer fun jumpsuit sexy fashion fashionblogger



love romance beach kissing life fun sex

If you're working on a similar project let me know. I love to hear about your sewing adventures.

dinsdag 19 augustus 2014

Wedding dress nr. 6

With this dress I asked myself if it is wedding or gala appropriated.  I think it could work  perfectly on both occasions, depending on the color or fabric you use. The back of the dress is open and strings go from the neck to the waist. I would want to make the strings from Swarovski crystals, so it looks like you have rain falling down on your back. However, I do wonder if it could work with so many crystals. Maybe it makes the dress too heavy, but hey, it’s a drawing, it’s fantasy,  everything  goes! 

Do you like the idea of having a soft silk wedding dress with light and simmering crystals dripping from you back? I love to know your opinion.

dinsdag 12 augustus 2014


Traveling tip nr. 1. Don’t go to Thailand when you have a more fuller figured and think you will buy some bikinis there.  I did and it’s impossible to find a bikini top that actually covers-up what its supposed to cover. After shopping for hours in Bangkok I found one top and one bottom that worked for me. The rest of my bikini’s singles I bought back at home during the summer sales. All pieces are from H&M.

I completely stepped away from the idea that a bikini needs to be a matching set . I buy tops and bottoms,  the more they miss match the better.

dinsdag 5 augustus 2014

Back from Thailand

beach love sunset thailand

I fell in love, and I fell in love hard. The food, the people and of course the weather. So many colors, so many smiles. My boyfriend had to drag me back on to the airplane. I just didn’t want to leave this amazing country.

We spent a fair share of our time in the amazing shopping malls and I noticed there that Thai women have such a great fashion style. Very feminine,  elegant  and all in their very  own unique way. I saw so many garments that said “buy me! You need me!” But I had to make a selection, also due to the fact I already had a full suitcase. ( And to be fair, most didn’t fit my Dutch ass or boobs ). But It was still a very inspiring experience to get a sense of the Asian fashion and beauty industries.

While I couldn’t  go crazy on the out-fit shopping, I did went all the way with my beauty shopping. Soon I ‘ll post my beauty findings from Thailand. But I can tell you this, if you’re a beauty freak,  Asia is the place to go! They are very into to anti-aging, so much that they even sell anti-aging juice with collagen to drink! Are you getting old and wrinkled up (and bothered by it), go to Thailand!

Mostly I ‘ll miss the food, and the so amazing ability to eat healthy, fresh and cheap on holiday. And also the food tasted so fabulous. We became full-on foodies in Thailand and tried (almost) everything. Back In the Netherlands I ran off to the Asian shop right away and cooked up some Thai food. However good, still not the same, miss you Thai food.

beach Bangkok love cooking class fun sunset adventure romance

My overall conclusion! Can’t wait to go back!

zondag 20 juli 2014

Comme un

Fran├žaise! I feel very French in this look. Probably because the of the Breton tripe, the red nail polish and the complete lack of accessories. Only missing a French bread, barrette and  the Eiffel tower to make this a perfect look. 
The skirt is made by me (check pattern here). The shirt is COS and sandals are DKNY.