dinsdag 15 april 2014

Wedding dress nr. 3

The shape of this dress is very simple. I haven’t put much detail in the construction of this dress. Why? Because I used color in the design. I wanted to go out of the box with this and thought, what other elements can I add to a wedding dress then just the fabric our lace? Color! Not any color, but a nude color.

It’s a bolt choice to use color for a wedding dress and that’s why I kept the design simple. Giving it more of a wedding feel (because it’s still a wedding dress) I have used a bright white lace on the top and at bottom of the dress. You can even bling it up with some crystals to give it more of a subtle glam look!

I love the out of the box choice of nude fabric so much that even I would consider wearing this dress myself. I 'm just waiting for my man to go on his knee (*blink* blink*).  I want to design more of these dresses around the theme “nude”. Do you like that idea of using nude as a wedding color? Let me know in the comments.

vrijdag 28 maart 2014


I love this top! (Pattern here) It has a very avant-garde/ fifties baby doll feel to it! Using faux leather makes it very edgy. I’m also making a matching pants, and I’m sure it will also look amazing with a pencil skirt too! (next project)

When I finish my pants you will get a full outfit post! See you soon.

maandag 17 maart 2014

FW Milan

The Burdastyle top
The Burdastyle pants

Pictures from Showstudio.com



Salcatore ferragamo                                                                                     Alberta ferretti



Trussardi                                                Armani                                             Emporio Armani



Salcatore ferragamo                               Bottega                                          Dolce & Gabbana



Emilio Pucci `                                     Prada                                                Moschino                                          



Emillio Pucci                                                                                                    Alberta Ferretti

The whole look!

Max Mara                                                                                                   Moschino

zaterdag 8 maart 2014

Doirshow fusion Mono tutorial

When I studied fashion in high school,  there were these girls studying to become an beautician. So one time when our  teachers was sick they asked us to be test clients in one of their classes. That  hour I ended up with two young girls, one on each hand working my nails. It was my first and only manicures I have ever had! (really).  It wasn't  the best job in world, but those girls where so cute!

Many of my beauty skills I learned from these girls during our math classes together. Yes, during math classes I learned how to put on eye shadow. Even though at that age I could pull “beautiful” off without any make-up. Now it’s a different story!  So I got much more interested in all the facets of beauty. Most of my beauty lessons I get from YouTube (witch ’s is the new bible that gives the answers to all question of life, I think)

I was checking  out a lot of clips on how to put on make-up,  even the one “how to look like Kim K.” (No ambitions to look like her at all, but that woman looks flawless all the time) And what me strikes on those tutorials, especially the one about Kim K., is how many shades and color you need to put on your face. You need a primer, a foundation, shaping powder, blush,  liquid this liquid that…  I came to the conclusion that I don’t have paparazzi or cameras following me everywhere. I’m just an ordinary working class girl. I probably don’t need to put that much make-up on my face even to look nice! In this case I go for “a lot less is much more!".

So I've started with an healthy diet and good skin care. The better you take care of your health you will not only see it in your waist line but also in the condition of your skin! And make-up should just be an enhancement of your best features.  So my goal is to get the best results with as few products as possible.
When my mother  Santa Clause gave me this Doir eye shadow thing, which she thought to be  a primer. Quote “Really it’s a primer that’s what the sales lady said”. Looking at it.  It was defiantly not a primer.  But why would a sales lady sell eye shadow as a primer?  Mystery?!  I started reading the  “instructions”.  And found out it was a super pigmented eye shadow where if you tap in on your eye lid with your finger you put on a light but intense color. If you want it more dark you can wet  your pencil for a more smoky effect.

So  check out this eye make-up tutorial with just three products!!

Mascara (rituals)
black eye liner (rituals)

First put on your base make-up! In my case I only use cover stick and sometimes BB cream.
Put  eye-liner on you upper lash-line but inside your eye.

Tap the Doirshow fusion mono on your eyelid with your fingers.

Put eye-liner  on you upper eye above your eye lashes.

 Wet you pencil, take some Doirshow fusion mono on your brush and tap lightly on your eyeliner line!

And Mascara!

For a more smoky effect you can make a darker v in you crease and put a bit of lighter eye shadow in your inner eye corner!  But with this product you can have a subtle and beautiful effect with less effort! I’m saving up to buy some of their natural colors for everyday use! 

woensdag 26 februari 2014

Razor it up

I was wandering through the nine streets of Amsterdam when I entered this little shop full of beads to get some inspiration for a new project!  I’m tripping over all the jewelry in the show “the tutors” and would love to have similar statement pieces as if the queen where here!  She is dressed so elaborate and amazing I’m even dreaming about it! So I decided I want similar jewelry! But I’m sure that jewelry is amazingly fake or extremely expensive. (I’m guessing it’s the last one)

So when I ended up in this shop to find pieces that I can use to make similar jewelry. I saw this  razor like bead, and I loved it! I’m sure they didn’t have razor blades as jewelry in the middle ages (if they even had razor blades like that back then!) But I was inspired to make a simple statement piece with it! It looks very minimalistic but, because of its purpose,  it’s still edgy!

zondag 16 februari 2014

Wedding dress nr. 2

This dress is simple, chic and very sexy with the open back! I love the idea of playing with elements of very prude clothing and then giving it a big cut out of the back. From the front it looks like a very descent dress. But when you walk down the alley, everybody will gasp when they see this marvelous open back! This is a dress for a show stopping, elegant, sexy daring bride, who wants to please herself and her future husband!

zaterdag 8 februari 2014

Where is that coat going?

This coat embodies many things! It goes with an oversized coat trend and also has a vintage feel to it. Two trends  just under  a 50 euro!  What could a girl ask more. When I saw the pattern I fell in love with the simple clean lines of this coat. And  I’m really into these oversized coats!  But most of them have a masculine feel to it.  Not that I’m having a problem with this kind of look, But I love that this model has a more feminine shape. Also this pattern is way more easy to make than those masculine patterns, So, just being lazy me.

The original pattern had shorter sleeves, I don’t know why?  But I made mine 10 cm longer so I actually could wear this coat this winter instead of having them short sleeved and then freezing my arms off.  It didn’t change the outlook of the coat at all, so I still have no idea why they were shorter. Also I put 4 buttons instead of 2 because I will ride my bike with this coat and just having two at the bottom will make this coat fall open while riding my bike.  I have already had one cold this winter, so I don’t need another.

After all, a great coat to have. Just a bit disappointed in how (not) warm this coats is! I had hoped by using quilted lining it would have been a much warmer winter coat. Next time I have to look for a more heavier solid wool fabric to make a winter coat. But for the ‘warmer’ days in winter this coat is perfectly fine. And at the end of the day, fashion isn’t about comfort. Isn’t it ????

Parttern coat burdastyle here, shoe/zalandocollection, bag/hema